2 June 2013

John Rae, merchant

I, JOHN RAE, merchant in Aberdeen, having upon the 8th day of May current, in an improper manner, interfered with, and obstructed Mr FIDDES, Landsurveyor of H.M. Customs at this port, while in the execution of his duty; but having done so, under the influence of misapprehension, in in the heat of passion, I have seen my error; and the Honourable the Commissioners of His Majesty's Customs, Edinburgh, having, at the request of Mr FIDDES, condescended to wave a prosecution, on my paying a fine, and entering into an engagement with security for my future good behaviour, and agreeing to apologize in the Aberdeen Newspaper; I accordintly, in this public manner, express my regret for my improper and unguarded conduct towards Mr FIDDES. 
Aberdeen, 27th May, 1813.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 2nd June 1813.

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