30 June 2013

George Fielding, Slateford, Brechin


WHEREAS, GEORGE FIELDING, one of the partners of the concern which carried on business under the firm of Smith and Fielding, merchants and auctioneers, in Glasgow and Edinburgh, has absconded, carrying with him the books and almost the whole property and effects belonging to the said concern of Smith and Fielding.

will be paid to any person who will apprehend and lodge in person, or give such information as may lead to the apprehension of the said George Fielding.

Fielding is a native of Slateford near Brechin, speaks the dialect of that part of the country; was originally bred to the trade of a mason; but has been in the practice for this some time past of selling goods about the country, as an auctioneer, in company with his partner Smith; and had lately an auction-room in Brechin.  He is about 5 feet 9 inches high - stout made - fair complexioned - andhad on a grey coat and velveteen breeches when last seen.

The above reward will be paid by James Kerr, accountant in Glasgow, trustee on the sequestrated estate of the said Smith and Fielding; or by W. Lawrie and A. Morrison, writers, Glasgow.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 30th June 1813.

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