12 May 2013

Christian Benzie imprisoned

On Friday last, Christian Benzie, servant to a family in this place, was detected in having stolen various articles of wearing apparel, &c. in her master's house, and, upon her own confession was sentenced to three months imprisonment in Bridewell, by the sitting Magistrate.  What aggravated this girl's offence was, that she had practised the most artful means to fasten the guilt of her own conduct upon her fellow servant; and had even gone the length of emitting a declaration in court in regard to various missing articles, which she alleged to have been purloined by said servant; and which were afterwards found in her own possession.  We think this statement due to the character of the servant in question, who was detained in custody for some days, owing to the base artifices of said Christian Benzie.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 12th May 1813.

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