7 April 2013

Haughs of Ashogle


The valuable and extensive Farm of HAUGHS of ASHOGLE, in the parish of Turriff, presently in the possession of GEORGE GERARD, Esq. will be subset for the remainder of the Lease, being Ten Crops.

There are in the possession of the present tenant, about 600 acres of Land, in excellent order, rent free, the Proprietor's rent being rather more than paid by two detached sub-tenants.

The farm is most beautifully situated on the Banks of the Doveron, ten miles from Banff, where, and at Macduff, there is always plenty of lime and coal imported, and within two miles of the Post Town of Turriff.  The Mansion House is commodious, and capable of accommodating a large family.  There is a capital Threshing Machine driven by water on the premises, and the accommodation in the other Offices is more extensive and complete, it is believed, than on any other farm in the country.  There is likewise a very snug and productive little Garden, well stocked with Fruit Trees of all kinds in full bearing.  The tenant is entitled to the full value of all the houses on the farm, at the expiry of the lease.

Offers may be made to George Gerard, Esq. at Haughs, the present tenant; Mr Irvine, at Towie, Mr Jamieson, at Cushnie, or James Taylor, writer in Banff.  The marches of the farm will be pointed out by Mr Gerard, or John Robertson, his Grieve, at Haughs.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 7th April 1813.

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