21 April 2013

Cases to be tried

The Circuit Court of Justiciary is to be opened here on Saturday first, by the Right Hon. the Lords Meadowbank and Pitmilly.  Proceedings in our next.

The following persons have been indicted to stand trial at the ensuing northern circuit.

Perth - Reverend Henry Attwood Skeete, for celebrating marriage without proclamation of banns; Robert Ruxton, mobbing at Montrose; Elizabeth Beattie, ditto; Jean McMillan ditto; John Waters, theft; John McKenzie and David Jackson, robbery; and Allan Stewart, assault.

Aberdeen - Charles Grant of Airlie, falsehood and fraud, by obtaining the pension of a dead Chelsea pensioner; Elizabeth Stewart, theft and house-breaking; John Ferguson, theft; William Thomson, mobbing; Alexander Duff, theft; Peter Mackay, deforcement; George Murrison, Margaret Noble and four others, mobbing at Fraserburgh.

Inverness - Ann Falconer, child-murder.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 21st April 1813.

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