26 August 2012

Farms in Banffshire and Moray

In the Counties of Banff and Moray.

There will be let, at Cullen House at Martinmas next, 1812, for leases of such endurance as may be agreed on, from the terms of entry aftermentioned, 

THE FOLLOWING FARMS belonging to the EARL of SEAFIELD, viz:-

In the Parish of Rathven.
Possession                                       Tenant's Names                                 Term of Entry
Parts of Farskane                             John Smith's heirs                               Whit. 1813

In the Parish of Fordyce
Logie,                                               William Downie                                   Do. 1814
Croft of Badenspink                         William Morison                                  Do. do.
Mill and Mill Lands of Portsoy           Mr Dunbar                                         Do. do.

In the Parish of Banff
East Culbeuchly and part of }             George Anton                                    Do. do.
Paddocklaw                        }

In the Parish of Fordyce
Part of Rothmackinzie                         Alexander Murray                             Do. 1812
Part of Auchanachy and Baley            James Wilson                                     Do. do.
Parts of do.                 do.                  James Brodie                                     Do. do.

In the Parish of Deskford
Mid Skeith                                         Alexander Clark                                 Do. 1814
Burnheads and Berryhillock                Jas. Mitchell & others                         Do. 1813

In the Parish of Grange
Wester Windyhills                              James Milne                                        Do. do.

In the Parish of Boindie
Meikle and Little Ordins                     John Watt                                            Do. 1814
Part of Padockburn &c                      John Taylor                                          Do. 1813

In the Parish of Marnoch
Wester Tillyfaff                                   John Henry                                          Do. 1814
Mains of Crannah and Winebrae         James Walker                                     Do. do.
South Crannah                                    George Malcolm                                 Do. 1813
Miln and Miln Lands of Crannah         Joseph Johnston                                  Do. do.

In the Parish of Keith
Marchbraes                                      George Wilson                                      Whit. 1814
Easter and Wester Garlands              James Shand                                         Do. do.

In the Parish of Boharm
Cummingstown                                 George Henderson                                Do. do.
Woodhead and Tar                           William Lobban                                     Do. 1813

In the Parish of Knockando
Hillhall and Phubuie                           Nath. McConnochie &c                       Do. 1814
Mains of East. Elchies,                      Sundries                                               Do. 1813

In the Parish of Rothes
Conrack & Corquhile                        Mr Patrick Proctor                               Do. 1814
Greens, Strainbuckie, }                      James Thomson                                   Do. 1814
Whitebog &c             }
Crofts of Rothes                                James Roy                                            Do. do.

In the Parish of Elgin
Moss-end of Main                             Mr McLean                                          Do. do.

In the Parish of St Andrew's
Boggs of Linkwood                           John Dunbar                                          Do. do.

In the Parish of Birnie
Part of Rushcrook                              William Shanks                                      Do. do.
Coynloch                                            John Stronach                                       Do. do.
Middleton and Bogindowie                  James Chalmers                                    Do. do
Craighead                                           James Cruickshank                                Do. 1814
Many of these farms are of very considerable extent, and capable of great improvement; and a number of them possess many local advantages; being either intersected by or in the vicinity of turnpike, or good commutation roads; in the neighbourhood of several sea-ports, and within a moderate distance of lime-quarries, where lime may be had at a reasonable expense.

Further particulars will be learned on application at Cullen House, near Cullen, where offers in writing may be given in betwixt and Martinmas next.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 26th August, 1812.

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