8 July 2012

Farms in Cairnbulg and Cortes


THE following FARMS, on the ESTATES of CAIRNBULG and CORTES, being out of Lease at Whitsunday 1813, are to be let in the month of August next, on a day to be afterwards advertised, viz.

The Farm of INVERNORTH, presently possessed by Alex Cowie, containing about  100A  1R  2P
Ditto, LITTLE INVERNORTH, possessed by Alexander Lawrence and William Lee, containing about 45A 0R 0P
Ditto, MILL TOWN FARM of CAIRNBULG, with the Multures of the Mill, as presently possessed by Alexanderson, containing about 45A 0P 22P

The Farm of REDHOUSE of RATHEN, with the long established and well frequented INN, as lately possessed by the deceased William Murray, containing about 77A 0R 0P
Ditto, the Farm of NETHER CORTES, in the Proprietor's own possesison, containing about 113A 0R 0P
Ditto, FEARNIEBRAE, possessed by James Shirras, containing about 54A 2R 37P
Ditto, SATYRHILLS, possessed by Jas. Lawrence, James Mitchell, and Alexander Smith, containing about 104A 1R 17P

The above Lands will either be let as possessed by the present tenants, or divided in such manner as will be found most convenient for those intending to offer for them.  They are of an excellent quality, lying in a centrical situation, and in a fertile district of the country; within a few miles of the town and Harbour of  Fraserburgh, and about thirteen from Peterhead, to both which towns, as well as to Aberdeen, there are good turnpike roads going through the Estate.  The Lands are entitled to take Sea Ware and Shell Sand from the shore of Cairnbulg, where there is abundance of these manures, as well as an easy access of procuring dung from the fishing village, and the towns above-mentioned.

Liberal encouragement will be given to good and substantial tenants; and those desirous of informing themselves farther are, in the mean time, requested to apply to the Proprietor at Mormond House or Alexander Shand, Advocate in Aberdeen, who will furnish every requisite information.

Theodore Martin, Ground Officer, will show the boundaries.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 8th July 1812.

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