1 July 2012

Strichen Estate 1812


THE under-mentioned Farms and Crofts, upon the Estate of STRICHEN are to be let, and tenered to at Whitsunday next, viz.

AUCHTY GILLS,    George Murray             }
KINDROUGHT,      Alexander Bruce           }
HILSIDE,                 James Gall                     }
EFFEDIES,              William Ogston              }  from 40
BRAWNS-FARM,   William Anderson          } to
DITTO,                     Thomas Morrice           } 100 Acres.
NEWHILL,               Alexander Joss              }
HAWKHILL,            James Alexander          }
AUCHORTHIES,     William Murison            }

HAWKHILL,            Thomas Morrice           }
DITTO,                     James Hunter                }
WAWKMILL,          John Baxter                  }
DITTO,                     John Mackay,               }
DITTO,                     Andrew Anderson        }  from 10
AUCHORTHIES,     Thomas Davidson         } to 20 Acres
DITTO,                     George Smith               } each.
DITTO,                     William Giles                }
ADIEL,                     Chas. Henderson          }
GREENS,                  John Kelman                }
BURNTACK,           John Birnie                   }
DITTO,                     William Craig               }

The foresaid Farms and Crofts consist of a very considerable proportion of Infield Land; the Outfield is also of a favourable soil; and from their vicinity to the Lime Quarry of Strichen, and to the populous Village of Mormond, have every advantage, both of improvement, and a good and ready market for the prpoduce of the farm - .  Those occupying small farms, in the neighbourhood of the said village, may have constant employment and high wages for Horse Work, when the same can be spared from their own possessions.

James Horn, Ground Officer, will show the boundaries.

Application for farther information may be made, and offers given in, to John Anderson, Factor at Strichen.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 1st July, 1812.

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