15 July 2012

Farms to let: Moray, Banffshire, Aberdeenshire


THERE will be let, at INNES-HOUSE, upon Tuesday the 11th day of August, 1812, for Leases of such endurance as may be agreed upon, the following POSSESSIONS, viz.

In Morayshire, Parish of Urquhart.
Stonewells, occupied by William Anderson.
Entryhead, occupied by Cosmo Reid.
Innes Mills, occupied by William Mitchell.
Wallfield, occupied by James Laing.
Loch-hill, occupied by Gilbert Brander.
And Waterscot, occupied by John Hay.

Estate of Blervie.
Marcassie, occupied by John Souter.

Entry to the first at Whitsunday 1813, and to all the farms above, at Whitsunday 1814.

County of Banff, Parish of Aberlour, Estate of Edinvillie.
Uppertown, occupied by Alexander Watt.
Craighead, occupied by Robert Gordon.
Blairnain, occupied by Alexr. Donaldson.
And Shenval, occupied by Lewis Stuart & A. Gray.

These Farms are open at Whitsunday 1813.

Parish of Gamry, Estate of Melrose.
Hungryhill, occupied by James Paterson, James Irvine, James Murray and John Anderson, open at Whitsunday 1814.

Aberdeenshire, Parish of Turriff, Estate of Gask,
Denhead, occupied by Peter Collie.
Braehead, occupied by Alexander Duncan.
Silverwells, occupied by Peter Clark and Jas. Gavin.
Bankhead, occupied by William Irvine.
Craighill, occupied by George Harper.
Nether Craighill, occupied by Wm. Smart and P. Cheyne.
Hillhead, occupied by William Gray.
Uppertown of Bridgend, occupied by James Cruickshank's heirs.
Mains of Bridgend, occupied by Alexander Kemp.
Bridgefoot, occupied by Alexander Smart.
Crooked Brae, occupied by John Morrison's heirs.
Burnside, occupied by John Smart.
And Eastertown, occupied by George Shearer.

The two first of these possessions are open at Whitsunday 1813, and the others at Whitsunday 1814.

Many of the Farms are extensive and of fine early soil, particularly those in Morayshire, and all of them susceptible of great improvement, the marches are made regular and convenient, and will be shewn by the Ground Officers of the different estates.  Two or more lots will be joined together, according to the wishes of the candidate at the time of setting; and proper encouragement will be given for Houses and for Enclosing where the extent of ground requires it.

For further particulars, application may be made to Mr Williamson, at Innes, as to the lands in Morayshire, to Mr Watt, at Methercluny, respecting the lands of Edinvillie, and to Mr Wilson, at Mill of Alva, respecting the lands of Gask and Melrose; to either of whom offers may be given in previous to the day of set.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 15th July, 1812.


  1. Thank-you , Alison
    My interest lies in the fact that my URQUHART family relatives lived at Bridgend of Gask , Turriff , according to some census , including 1841 and 1851.
    I do not know whether Bridgend of Gask was the name of a croft or was the name of an area
    Best Wishes

  2. There should be some clues in the census pages. If there were other properties with the same address, that would suggest that it was an area of several crofts. It's well worth looking at contemporary maps such as those created by the Ordnance Survey. These can be accessed free of charge at http://maps.nls.uk/os/county-series/index.html.