17 June 2012

Aucharnie estate, Aberdeenshire


THE LANDS of AUCHARNIE, as formerly advertised, will be exposed to sale in HUMPHREY's INN, Aberdeen, on Friday the 3d day of July next, part of the sequestrated estate of Mr COLIN GILLIES, Merchant in Brechin.

This estate is situated within a few miles of good seaports, and excellent turnpike roads pass very near it.

The Arable Lands, by a late survey, amount to  510 A. 2 R.  32 F.
The Pasture Ground                                          213 A. 1 R. 23 F.
And the Moss, which is inexhaustible,                215 A. 3 R.  0 F.

Great part of the grounds have been lately dressed, and a purchaser may buy the Crop along with the Lands, if he is so inclined.

For farther particulars, application may be made to Chas. Greenhill, Esq. of Fern; Messrs. Gibson, Christie, and Wardlaw, W.S. Edinburgh; Charles Bannerman, Esq. Advocate, Aberdeen; or to Mr Ritchie, Banker, Brechin.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 17th June, 1812.

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