25 March 2012

William Strath, Fyvie, convicted

Some years ago, Messers. LEYS & Co. and GORDON BARRON, & Co. put up a considerable number of LAMPS on the turnpike leading from town to Woodside, and places adjacent; and having since lighted and upheld them at their own expence, to the advantage, convenience, and comfort not only of their own servants, but of the public at large.  Occasionally a few were broken by idle boys; but nothing of any importance till lately, that they found about Nineteen demolished in one night.  Rewards were offered for discovery of the culprits, and all means used for their detection.  At last, owing to the activity of SIMON GRANT, Constable, (to whom the public have been often indebted), it was found out, that William Strath, cattle-dealer, Jackstown, parish of Fyvie, was a principal in these disgraceful proceedings.  He was accordingly apprehended on a warrant from the Justices of Peace, brought to town, and upon his own confession, fined in Twenty Guineas, and sent to Bridewell for three months.  Some of his accomplices are discovered, and will be immediately proceeded against in the same way.  And it is to be hoped that these salutary corrections will put an end to lamp-breaking, both in town and country.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 25th March, 1812.

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