22 January 2012

Accidental death of William Deans, cartwright

On Thursday afternoon, William Deans, cartwright in the new road to Bridge of Dee, was unfortunately killed by the following melancholy accident.  While crossing the road from his own door, a little dog run out of a neighbouring house; and fastening on the leg of a horse at that time passing, the animal became restive; and the unfortunate man laying hold of his head to stop him, the horse reared and threw him down among his feet; where he kicked and plunged most furiously; and before he could be extricated from his situation, he was so lacerated and bruised, that he died in the greatest agony in little more than an hour.  By this melancholy event, a widow and two children are left to deplore the death of an affectionate husband and father, and a worthy man.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 22nd January, 1812.

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