20 November 2011

Prizewinning Ploughmen

The ploughing match appointed by the Garioch Farmer Club, took place at Newton upon the 2d inst.  A numerous committee of the club attended, who, in consequence of the unanimous opinion of four Judges, practical gentlemen farmers, found Alexander Watson, servant to Mr Keith, in Netherthird, entitled to the first Premium; Alexander Skene, also servant to Mr Keith, entitled to the second; and James Bisset, servant at Lessendrum, entitled to the third.

On the recommendation of the Judges, the Committee authorised their Secretary to pay a fourth premium to Alexander Simpson, in Threefield of Culsalmond, as his work was the fourth in point of merit, and as it is the wish of the Club, to encourage actual farmers and farmers' sons to come forward with their own ploughs.  The work in general obtained the approbation of the judges, the committee, and a numerous concourse of spectators.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 20th November, 1811.

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