23 October 2011

Roup at Grange Farm, Peterhead


THE whole  FARM STOCKING, &c. belonging to ANDREW YOUNG, at GRANGE, near Peterhead, is to be sold by public roup, on the 29th day of October curt. consisting of Four Work Horses; a Mare and Foal; a fine young Horse, fit for saddle or draught; a Poney, and a young Jack-Ass; Ten Cows, some of which are near the calving; Young Cattle; Thirty Sheep, Two Sows, and young Swine: Carts, Ploughs, Harrows, Cart and Plow Harness; several Stacks of Hay, Oats, Bear, Beans with Fodder, and a Field of Turnips.

As the exposer is giving up farming, the whole will be sold off.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 23rd October, 1811.


  1. This person had quite a farm with a lot of stock.
    That seems like a big decision to sell all. I wonder what he did afterwards or did he leave the country..?
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)

  2. The most common reason for selling off the entire stock and farm equipment was (and is still the case today) that the farmer had decided to retire and that no-one in the family was waiting in the wings to take over the farm. Sometimes, though, they felt that the grass was greener elsewhere and moved into a new line of business altogether. Quite often, when a farm lease expired, the rental would be increased, which might also prompt a tenant to review his situation. There's no simple answer - it all depended on individual circumstances.