7 August 2011

Trial of Scythe in Moray

On the 2d August, the Morayshire Farmer Club had a SCYTHE mounted with a CRADLE for cutting and gathering Corn, tried in a Field of Barley in their presence.  A Model of this implement was procured from Wales, (where, and in the Western Counties of England it is generally used) by Mr JAMES WILLIAMSON, Millwright at Pittendreich, near Elgin, under whose direction this Scythe was mounted.  The experiment fully answered the expectations formed, and convinced every one present that this Scythe is much better calculated to cut corn and lay it over in a regular manner, than any of the others which have hitherto been introduced in this county.  One great advantage is the simplicity of its construction, as a common Smith can in a short time mount the Cradle on any Scythe.  The original is now deposited with the Secretary of the Morayshire Farmer Club, to act as a pattern for the Members, or any Gentleman who may apply for it.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 7th August, 1811.

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