14 August 2011

Sale of shop goods at Ellon


Upon Monday, 26th day of August curt. there will be exposed to sale by public roupo, in virtue of a warrant from the Sheriff of Aberdeen,

THE whole SHOP GOODS and EFFECTS in the Shop and House occupied by Alex Davidson, jun. Merchant in Ellon, consisting of Broad and Narrow Cloths, Duffles, Flannels, Baizes, Corduroys, Swandowns, Printed Callicoes, Shawls, Pollicats, Hats, Buttons, Silk, Twist, A general assortment of Hardware and Groceries, Shop Furniture, &c.

Roup to begin at 10 o'clock forenoon, and credit will be given on security.

An inventory of the goods will be seen in the hands of Alexander Webster, advocate in Aberdeen, to whom those indebted to the said Alexander Davidson, jun. will please order payment of what they owe.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 14th August, 1811.

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