1 May 2011


On Monday the 6th of May, there will begin to be sold by public roup at Portsoy, and continue every successive day till all is sold off,
THE whole STOCK of MERCHANT GOODS and HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE which belonged to the deceased WILLIAM LEMMON, Merchant there; consisting of Clothiery and Haberdashery in great variety; Teas; Sugars; Salt (a large quantity); and a general assortment of Groceries.  A considerable stock of Iron and Ironmongery articles forming one of the most extensive sales ever offered to the public in that part of the country, and well worth the attention of Merchants and others, as the whole must be rouped off without reserve.

The roup to begin precisely at 10 o'clock.

Inventories will be shewn, and information given by John Smith, writer in Banff, with whom or with James Knowles, Merchant in Aberdeen, Creditors are requested to lodge their claims, with affidavits.  Credit will be given.

All those indebted to Mr LEMMON, are desired to make payment to the said John Smith, before the 26th day of May first: as on that day a list of all the outstanding debts will be made up to be recovered by prosecution.

Mr Lemmon's Heritable Property will be sold, on a day to be named afterwards.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 1st May, 1811.

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