14 May 2011

Fraserburgh Sale

To be sold by private bargain,betwixt this and the 1st of August,

THAT DWELLING HOUSE, Bakehouse, and Offices, &c. belonging to ROBERT MATHEWS, and occupied by him for a good many years, in the Baking line, lying on the Shore Street of Fraserburgh, close by the New Pier.  The whole are in a state of good repair (Bake-house and Oven Completely new), and entry may be had at Martinmas or Whitsunday first; and any person becoming purchaser, may retain a part of the agreed on price, in his hand, on granting good security.

For further particulars, apply to the Proprietor R. Mathews.

Fraserburgh, 11th May, 1811.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 15th May, 1811.

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