26 December 2010



ABSCONDED from his service, on Tuesday morning the 18th inst. ROBERT WALLACE.  He appears to be about 22 years of age, five feet eight inches high, slender made, fair complexion, sharp eyes.  Had on a grey short coat, striped waistcoat, blue breeches, and grey or white stockings - with a bundle containing some articles of wearing apparel.  When he was engaged he told his employer that his father and other relations lived in New Pitsligo.  He borrowed One Pound, as he said, to purchase shoes, which he neither applied to that purpose nor returned.  It is hoped, after this intimation, that no person will receive the said Robert Wallace into their service.  Unless he return immediately, a warrant is to be applied for, in order to have him apprehended.
Boghead, South Kinmundy, Dec. 20.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 26th December, 1810.

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