20 August 2010

Scandal at the Salmon Fishings

A recent visit to the National Archives of Scotland has uncovered details of a shocking incident involving salmon fishermen at Portsoy in 1828, as a result of which 17-year old James Morison was arrested and charged with culpable homicide. Fortunately for James, the case was eventually dropped and he avoided having to stand trial.

I’m very keen to trace descendants of the men concerned, who were all employed at Portsoy during the 1828 season. They were:

Alexander Gerrie, Tacksman of the Boyne salmon fishings belonging to the Earl of Seafield
William Wildgoose, manager of the Salmon fishing boat
George Cowie, member of Salmon boat crew
Alexander Farquhar, member of Salmon boat crew
Alexander Hector, member of Salmon boat crew
James Morison, member of Salmon boat crew

Do YOU have a connection to any of the above?  If so, please get in touch!

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